About the project

You may have noticed the major website changes going on recently, and we are introducing a new feature called myDigiKomp. The best news of all, its now here! With the new web server, myDigiKomp will handle all orders (placed online, over the phone, or in person). What is so different about it? Simplicity, organization, and keeping YOU up to date. All orders placed now will receive a unique order number, and tracking number. You can track the progress of your order simply by logging in to myDigiKomp. When you view your order summary, the system will even generate a QR code that you can scan to go directly to your order so you are always updated.

Wait, it gets better. Some new features you can expect soon:

Mobile Edition: When you visit myDigiKomp on your tablet or smartphone, it will take you to a mobile web app. You will be able to install this web app on your smartphone too, and you will have all the power of tracking your order on the go, no need to scan the QR code first.

UPS Tracking: All products are shipped via UPS. We are working with UPS to provide you with live tracking information and status within your order summary so you don't have to leave the site and enter your tracking number.

Online payment: Currently, we do not accept online credit card payments outside of Digital TAGs. This is a main priority. We are currently working on integrating Paypal as a payment method in myDigiKomp and soon after, adding a direct payment method so there will be no need for a Paypal account.

Reseller Center: Selling individual products here and there is great and all, but our main focus as a manufacturer's representative is to give you the opportunity to become a reseller. The reseller center will give you access to special reseller resources and tools to help build your business. Like the concept of myDigiKomp? Resellers will be able to get their own custom-branded store (ex. with your logo and branding materials, using the myDigiKomp interface and system. This automates your ordering process, keeps record of all current and past orders, and organizes it into an easy-to-manage interface. All orders and support inquires will be managed through your "Reseller Center" tab on your myDigiKomp account. Questions or comments? Email project manager Mark Adkins at or connect with the project team to learn more

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